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Ebookstore launching today with Panda book offer

As from Monday 12th August, ebooks will be available for purchase directly from our website, compatible with all major devices.

Before we launch the full store, we've made the Panda: Back from the Brink ebook available today at an unBEARably great price of 99p (that's £8 OFF!) to celebrate the speculation that Tian Tian - Edinburgh Zoo's female panda - is pregnant. See some of the gorgeous panda photos in the book here.

To claim the 99p bargain, enter the voucher code PANDABABY at checkout. But hurry, because the bargain price expires on Sunday at midnight.

Happy reading! Instructions for downloading are below:

How do I buy the eBook?

On the page for the eBook click on ‘Add to Basket’. When you are finished choosing your eBooks click on ‘View Basket’ and then ‘Checkout’ which will take you to our external checkout process, powered by Firsty Group.

You will need to set up an account with Firsty Fish to complete the payment process and download the eBook which appears after clicking ‘Checkout’.

If you have a discount voucher enter it in the box at the bottom of the form to apply the discount.

After the payment process you will receive an email confirmation, also with a link to the download. If you haven’t received it soon after purchasing please check your spam.

How do I download the eBook?

Once you have purchased the eBook you can download it from the ‘My Account’ page on Firsty Fish.

You should see the eBook in ‘My elibrary’ and be able to choose your download from there.

Clicking on the first ‘Download’ button after purchasing will download an .acsi file of the eBook which is readable on your computer using Adobe Digital Editions.
(Download here: )

Kindle: Click on  ‘.Mobi’ to download the eBook

Kobo/Nook/other eReaders and devices: Click on ‘.Epub’ to download the eBook

You will be able to log into your Firsty Fish account and download the file from this page again at any time.


How do I get the eBook onto my device?

If you have downloaded your chosen file to your PC/Mac you will need to plug your device into your computer and move the applicable eBook file onto your device.

If you have downloaded your chosen file using your device you should be able to find it in the downloads folder or open it immediately on your device after downloading.



J. David Simons: US in denial about Hiroshima bombing

As the world commemorates the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, J. David Simons, author of bestselling novel An Exquisite Sense of What Is Beautiful, has claimed that America has never had a proper debate or introspection about this extremely difficult and sensitive subject.

He argues: 'The justification for the bombs was that they saved America from a full-scale invasion that would have resulted in the deaths of over a million lives, both American and Japanese. I believe that this is a hugely inflated figure. However, even if you were to accept that argument, why not bomb a military target rather than a city of civilians? And why the second bomb?

'However, whether or not these bombings were justified remains a moot point these days - everyone will have their own side to take. My main concern is that I don't feel America has really had a proper debate or introspection on the subject. To this day, I feel that when the US criticises other countries for their nuclear programmes, it tends to forget it still is the only country ever to have used these weapons.'

Simons, who spent seven years working and living in Japan, wrote An Exquisite Sense of What Is Beautiful to express his feeling that America is still in denial over the use of the atomic bomb on Japan. 'The main reason [I wrote the book] is the sense of injustice I have always felt about America destroying two cities and killing 200,000 civilians in just two days, not to mention the further loss of 100,000 lives caused by the firebombing of Tokyo five moths earlier. I don't think there is anything that justifies such mass destruction of innocent lives. I don't think it is an act of war that would be acceptable today.'

The full interview with J. David Simons is available here.

An Exquisite Sense of What Is Beautiful has been longlisted for The Guardian's Not the Booker prize. For more details and to vote, please click here

Major media coverage of Your Country Needs You

Your Country Needs You, our forthcoming book by James Taylor about World War I propaganda posters, has proved a big hit in UK newspapers this weekend after the Telegraph published a great article about the book.

The Telegraph's article provoked a huge amount of interest and the story about the groundbreaking research that features in Your Country Needs You was subsequently also covered in the Daily Mail, The Independent and the Daily Express.

In the book, James reveals that the famous finger-pointing image of Lord Kitchener from World War I was, in fact, never used as an official recruitment poster - that's simply an urban myth. It actually started life as a magazine cover rather than a poster!

In an interview with the Telegraph, James said: 'There has been a massive, collective misrecollection. The image's influence now is absolutely out of all kilter with the reality of its initial impact. So many historians have used it and kept repeating how influential it was, that people have come to accept it.'

Your Country Needs You will be published on 29 August and is available for pre-order at Amazon UK. James Taylor will be appearing at a special event at the National Army Museum in London on 7 September as part of a day celebrating British war posters from the English Civil War to the present day. For more details and tickets, call 020 7881 6000.

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