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Collaboration makes exquisite sense

Following a promotion on Amazon Kindle last week, An Exquisite Sense of What Is Beautiful by J. David Simons has been riding high in the Top 10 of the Literary Fiction chart for the last few days – and hitting the Number One spot!

In fact, it has been a great week on Kindle for publishers who, like Saraband, are members of the Faber Factory Plus alliance of quality independents. Four out of the top five bestselling titles overall on the Kindle store were published by Faber Factory Plus members - proving that collaboration really does pay dividends.

However, the books also have to be quality reads in order to become bestsellers, and the popularity of J. David Simons’ novel is no doubt partly a result of the great reception it’s received from readers, with an incredible eighteen out of twenty Amazon customers giving it a rating of five stars.

One reviewer, ‘f.richards’, said: “I tried to make the book last as I was really enjoying reading it, but finished it too quickly anyway! Beautiful pace to it. You don’t need to know more, just read it!” Another said: “Beautifully written and intelligent love story set in the present day with flashbacks to 1950s London and Japan. I loved the author’s description of Japanese landscape and culture along with an important comment of America’s quite deliberate failure to recognize their atrocities in dropping two atomic bombs. I’m positive that this will be my best read of 2013!”


20 June, 2013: 'An Exquisite Sense...' is Kindle's Daily Deal

For one day only An Exquisite Sense of What Is Beautiful, the latest book by J. David Simons, is available for the bargain price of just 99p as a Kindle Daily Deal.

Readers can pick up the highly rated book at this special discounted price at the Amazon UK website - but only until 11.59pm tonight, so you'll have to hurry.

An Exquisite Sense has garnered some rave reviews from both readers and critics, and proved to be an instant hit when it entered the Top 10 of the Amazon Kindle Literary Fiction Chart when it was first released earlier this year.

To pick up your discounted Kindle edition of An Exquisite Sense, please click here.

Bookspotting: Books on the go

We're very excited to announce that Saraband is taking part in a major new project to produce smartphone apps celebrating Scotland's unique literary heritage.

Funded by Nesta, the charity that provides investments and grants to bring great ideas to life, the project will see the development of smartphone apps based on a selection of Scottish-interest books. The apps will offer new and compelling ways for readers to explore characters, moods, genres and specific titles.

Some of the features of the apps will include:

  • Geolocation of titles, characters, scenes and author sites through maps, GPS triggers and specially constructed journeys.
  • Personalised reading recommendations based on surprising and unusual criteria and playful elements.

The aims of the apps are to provide wider access to Scotland's literary canon through familiar technologies; provide revenue for publishers and writers; celebrates Scotland's unique literary heritage; update the image of Scotland's vibrant publishing industry; supply cultural tourism around all regions of Scotland and offer new contexts for an new routes into Scottish literature.

The project will be managed by Publishing Scotland and delivered by Saraband along with Spot Specific, who helped us deliver our successful Burns Night and Pandacademy apps.

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