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Celebrating the Day of the Dead

Today, Thursday 1 November, is the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos). It's a day of remembrance for the dead, celebrated all around the world, but particularly in Mexico.

Far from being a sombre occasion, the festival is a celebration of the lives of loved ones who have died and families gather at cemeteries for picnics of skull-shaped sweets and bread.

This year, the Day of the Dead is even being celebrated in the UK with a special event in London to promote open discussion about dying. The Day of the Dead conference is being organised by the Dying Matters Coalition, which aims to change public knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards dying, death and bereavement.

We fully support this more open approach to thinking about death, and our book, Where There's a Will, by Michael Kerrigan, guides you with a refreshing lightness of touch through all the emotional, financial, legal and practical issues you need to consider. With a combination of constructive tips and and thoughtful reflections on death, this book throws light on subjects that all too often remain taboo.

You can order print copies of Where There's a Will from Amazon UK. The Kindle edition can be found here, and the ebook is also available at Kobo.

Witchcraft: Ancient Origins to the Present Day

With Halloween and All Souls’ Day fast approaching, now is the time to satisfy your desires for all things macabre with our wicked new ebook that chronicles the history of witchcraft.

‘Witchcraft: Ancient Origins to the Present Day’, by Richard Marshall, delves into diabolical traditions, myths and legends from many different cultures, as well as revealing a disturbing history of fear, ignorance, persecution and prejudice.

This absorbing volume features wise women, Wiccans and warlocks alongside the history of the human tragedy of the European witch-burning era and the Salem trials, and the heroes who risked torture to speak out against the madness. Sorcerors Morgan le Fay, Melusine and Medea are among the diverse and infamous characters whose stories are told.

But this book also tells of the ordinary people who were frequently victims of the witch craze. Mostly, they were women, denounced because of ignorance or ill will; but sometimes men were targeted, and even children as young as four years of age.

Some of the most (in)famous witch trials took place in 1612 – exactly four hundred years ago – when ten people in Lancashire were executed by hanging after being found guilty of practising witchcraft and committing murder.

‘Witchcraft: Ancient Origins to the Present Day’ is packed full with such sinister stories and reveals much about the real events that make up a chilling chapter in our shared history. The devil is in the detail…

Readers can buy ‘Witchcraft: Ancient Origins to the Present Day’ from Amazon UK, Amazon US or Kobo.


Saraband signs up with Faber Factory Plus

Saraband is delighted to announce that the company is joining Faber Factory Plus, the dedicated sales service for the independent publishing sector run by Faber and Faber. Faber Factory Plus will represent our new titles with publication dates from January 2013. However, we will be moving our distribution to Macmillan Distribution Ltd (MDL) with immediate effect.

Sara Hunt, owner of Saraband, said: “We are obviously very excited to be signing up with Faber Factory Plus as it represents a significant opportunity for us to strengthen our ongoing operations and ensure that our books are seen by the widest possible audience.”

Faber Factory Plus celebrates the breadth, creativity and quality of independent publishing by representing a range of companies that now includes Saraband. The scheme’s dedicated sales force provides an efficient way of presenting lists that, though commercially significant, may not be able to be seen individually. For more information, see


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