Woodlanders: New Life in Britain's Forests

wood1New life in Britain's forests. 'All the inspiration you need,' The Scotsman.

Editor: Ian Edwards
250 x 2195mm - 320 pages, cased - £25

'A wonderful reminder of where we came from and of why we owe so much to the woods,' Hilary Benn

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'Woodlanders is a wonderful reminder of where we come from, and of why we owe so much to the wood and the trees and the plants that sustain us. The UK's precious remaining woodlands need our interest and protection, and I hope the ideas and wonderful pictures in this book will encourage more people to get involved.' Hilary Benn
Woodlanders tells the story of people whose lives have been enriched by their engagement with wood and woodlands in whatever form they have chosen: through satisfying and valuable work in community projects; by working with wood to make useful, durable and beautiful objects, or for shelter; perhaps gathering woodland materials for craft or fuel uses or foraging for wild food from the woods; or promoting sustainable, low-energy lifestyles and preserving biodiversity. Some have created opportunities for outdoor play in magical settings or simply encouraged kids to enjoy climbing trees and running around, while others have developed creative activities like drama, art or craft projects. Woodlanders celebrates an emerging woodland culture.
Woodlanders has been produced in association with the environmental charity Reforesting Scotland, which aims to promote woodlands and the restoration of native species, as well as raising awareness of issues from sustainable living to climate change. Many of the stories in the book were based on those of Reforesting Scotland members or projects that have been featured in their journal.

'Fascinating. With every page comes yet another revelation of how woodlands work and how society depends on trees. A timely combination of inspiration and study for anyone intrigued by the mutually dependent links between society and woodlands.' Nick Gibbs, Living Woods Magazine
'In recent years more and more people have become aware of the wealth that woodlands bring into our lives. Woodlanders is a beautiful book that is also deeply informative about many aspects of our relationship with woodlands and with wood. I can't recommend it strongly enough.John-Paul Flintoff, author of Sew Your Own

Woodlanders provides a feast for the eyes, featuring hundreds of images of the trees, products and people that form our woodlands. It puts the current relevance of woodlands into clear context.
And whether you want to learn more about trees, woodland crafts or anything to do with woodlands, this book should provide all the inspiration you need.”
Louisa Pearson, from the Scotsman, 30th October 2010




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